Unleash an unassailable sustainable competitive advantage by establishing a unique organisational culture that creates an uneven playing field, one that strongly favours the success of your organisations. Create an aligned vision supported by a common purpose and values. We all know what to do, we probably know how to do it, but the unassailable advantage comes when there is absolute clarity around WHY we do it!

The modern workplace is changing faster than ever, it needs to be agile, responsive, virtual, collaborative, structurally flat, autonomous and fun. Reliance on teamwork is crucial and  a strong alliance with shareholder, consumer and employee value propositions will be a key differentiator. The best workplaces will be those where awesome culture prevail, where UBUNTU is evident.


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker

Let me assist in building an enviable, unassailable competitive advantage!


Unleash your organisation to compete in an uncontested profitable space! Business Strategy is not just about numbers, it is also about intuition. Business Strategy is about envisioning a competitive environment where the organisation can create the right to compete, can create a space in which it wins the competition and the reinvestment1. Business Strategy is about choices between working in the current environment or creating an uncontested environment to keep winning. Creating the uncontested market space and making the competition irrelevant requires the re-imagination of the products and services on offer. It requires a sea change2.


Talk to Wyntonalan today to UNLEASH your organisation strategy.

1 Jan Carlzon, Moments of Truth
2 Blue Ocean Strategy, W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne


Unleash your staff to embrace and love change! Create flexibility and comfort to accept change as a positive, to see and view change is the primary driver behind maintaining a uncontested market place. Unleash your team to say;

“Hell Yeah” to change!!


Leadership is required from everyone. Personal responsibility and accountability make ordinary people extraordinary. Extraordinary people create unbeatable businesses! My belief is that the model of leaders and followers is rapidly being replaced by new leadership models. Think of followers being really empowered to be self-directed, to be self-led leaders in their own right. Here you will find the ultimate organisation, the new organisation, the unbeatable organisation. This organisation will be filled with extraordinary people.